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Timber Then and Now


We just love the old style timbers. There is something about them that really attracts the eye. Some people would prefer to use modern ceramics or tile, but for me – it’s timber all the way.
In my many journeys around the world, I was deeply impressed by the quality of timber work in South East Asia. There seems to be no end to the designs and creations. Timber is truly valued over there. Hence there is a big problem with illegal logging.

Why are timber designs so fancy in Asia, yet here in Australia, things seem so bland? The extent of work done seems to be limited to a sander and lathe, with no real ornate strokes of creativity.
If timber is used these days it is usually used in old town halls or hotels. That is nice in a way, but many times makes the rooms look dark and gloomy – somewhat dated.

But I feel that there is so much more to Timber which makes it really incredible. Timber, when utilised correctly can bring so much character to a home.

One thing I really like is when timber is used in combination with more modern materials like tile and glass. The timber scent isn’t so overpowering and gives the room a more pleasant atmosphere.
In Australia there are many people that have timber floors and old furniture, but the State with the most timber is here in Queensland. Whilst Sydney and Melbourne have many nice homes with character, Queensland is full of old ‘Queenslanders’. The floor sanding and polishing business here gets more business than any other State in the country!

It’s not that these old style homes are attractive – it’s just part of our culture. But don’t get me wrong – some of these old homes are absolutely stunning!

Timber is a still such an important part of our lives – however the uses are becoming more and more varied.