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Choosing the Right Timber Tools and Machinery

Timber Machines

The timber industry in Australia has always been quite vibrant. An example of one of the good old Aussie pioneers of timber is Micky Timbers – AKA Micky the Timber Tradie. He grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and developed a love of timber from an early age because he grew up next to a pine forest.

Micky loves working with timber. When he was young he tried building a sign out of timber off-cuts. Of course, his father never really helped teach him how to use a hammer, but he worked it out for himself. Far from those early days, Micky now loves helping people get the right tools and timber for whatever job he’s doing. If you would like some inspiration, get over to his timber tools and machinery website.

Mankind has been using timber since the first men walked the Earth. Timber as a framing tool is really useful and is still an essential part of construction and scaffolding around the world.

Talking about scaffolding, it’s interesting to see in some parts of the world, construction workers still use bamboo for scaffolding. It is really strong stuff, but I still feel more secure on timber or metal planks!

It makes me wonder how amazing it would have been to see the ancient Khmer or Aztec’s build their cities using timber for just about everything!

Working with timber today is no where near as difficult as a simple visit to the local hardware store will reveal 6 thousand year’s worth of tool development. The essentials still remain though – tools that are used to hit, and things to be hit. Yes, the good old hammer and nail has taken various forms over the years, but they are still around.

Timber machines? Well, there are many of these too. Whether it be floor sanding machines, lathes, nail guns and the sort, there are just so many things you could buy.

But my advice is that if you are looking for tools, don’t go overboard. A tool is a tool, and even the cheapest will be better than what they used in ancient times!