How Do You Clean And Oil A Deck?

Do you know that before you oil a deck you need to clean it thoroughly first so you can get a better and a more consistent finish?

If you’ve set up a deck in your home you will notice that after a few months the color of your deck will start to fade away. Over time, you will also begin to notice that your deck’s finish will start to lose its freshness and luster. Don’t panic because this is only normal since your deck is exposed to weather changes. It will come back to normal when you restore its finish, usually once in every six months or once a year depending on what you use to seal your deck with and it will also depend on its exposure to heat and rain. But the most important thing to remember is that you really need to clean your deck completely before you apply anything to it.

However, if you are the busy type who has a lot on your hands then the best solution is to find professionals who are experts when it comes to oiling decks. If you don’t know who to contact, we suggest you check out this website and their services. You can go over their website and read all about what they have to offer.

But if you don’t have much to do and you want to do it all by yourself then here’s what you can do.

Cleaning Your Deck

Cleaning your timber doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a lot of money over special cleaning agents. The most important ingredient in all of these deck cleaners is sodium percarbonate. One example of this is Napisan.

To start with your cleaning, all you need to do is add around two cups of any detergent that contains sodium percarbonate (it could be Napisan) mixed with half a pail of hot water. After mixing these two together, you’re already good to go and you can now start with your cleaning. It is also important that you have a tough bristled brush with you. You can purchase this online or from any hardware store. Scrub your decks thoroughly with your detergent cleaner and leave the solution on your deck for a total of fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, pour some detergent cleaner again and give it another round of brushing. After the second round, rinse it completely and allow it to dry for at least two days (but this will depend on the weather). Cleaning your deck will remove it of oils, dust and debris and will help restore the original color of your timber.

After cleaning you can now apply the decking oil. You’ll need a tin of it, a decking brush and a pole extension. You’ll also need a rag and a paint tray while you’re at it. Make sure that you’ve stirred the oil completely before applying it on your deck. This ensures that all the pigment has been totally mixed. To get the best results, apply long strokes with enough oil to soak into the timber.

Oiling decks can be tiring. If you want someone else to do it make sure you hire only the best professionals who know how to properly oil decks such as